Sprint 3 - INV01 - Confirmed PO line item formula


Hi All,


I am stuck up on building the formula Confirmed PO Delivery .

I searched on the forums and it says to use line item "Final Shipping Time Weeks" . But it is saying no where to create that line item. I am super confused





  • @ankitaga2000 

    It's a good callout. Level 2 will really stretch you. Here's the formula they want you to explore on Anapedia.

    Confirmed PO Delivery = POST(PO Submitted, Final Shipping Time Weeks)

    Let's break that down:

    • We want to take our purchase order quantity and have it be "received" in the future week based on the leadtime of the shipping method chosen.
    • POST function is a good choice because it will take a line item value and move it forward on the calendar based on the value that you provide.
    • POST(Line Item, Leadtime)

    This is a SUPER powerful function for supply chain solutions. Take a look at the Anapedia page. You'll be amazed what you can do with this function.

  • Misbah



    Ultimately you too will have to create Final Shipping Time Weeks Line item but just don't follow what is being discussed on the Forum. Every query has its own context. 


    If you go sequentially in Level 2 you will be using Shipping Time Weeks Line item first and then in later lessons you will be asked to create Final Shipping Time Weeks Line item.


    Please go ahead and follow the instructions in the L2 course. Good Luck



  • Then I am not able to find the formula without final shipping item . Please guide me by using offset @Misbah @JaredDolich 

  • Misbah



    I think it will be OFFSET(Final Shipment amount, -Shipping Time Weeks,0)  Not certain though