Mulesoft Anaplan connector not able to read keystore from path specified when deployed in Cloudhub


HI Team,


We are connecting to Anaplan using 3.1.0 Anaplan Mulesoft connector by Certificate auth connection.

We acquired required certificates, JKS and all steps are done. 


Anaplan Mulesoft connector asking to provide JKS file path, we were able to configure it successfully and able to get data in local machine.

But when we are deploying it to cloudHub, we are placing keystore under src/main/resources path of application and provide path details as 'keystore/filename.jks' in config paramater of connector.


But connector was not able to recognize in cloudHub, we are seeing No file directory found. Please suggest us how to configure path correctly,

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  • DaanishSoomar

    Hello @Prudhvib,


    Thanks for your question. We have some great resources of folks here on Community who I believe should be able to assist. I do have some experience working with Anaplan Customers on Mulesoft, will do my best to assist here.


    Are you able to provide screenshots into the error message?


    What I will first point you to is the Anaplan Mulesoft Connector Guide. It sounds like you have downloaded Mulesoft Connector version 3.1, can you confirm you are using Mule Runtime 4? Have you also downloaded Anypoint Studio v7 and above? And configured Maven? 


    If yes, then I will refer you to pages 9-10 of the guide which has the steps on CA Certificate/Keystore Authentication. 


    Also when you mention deploying to Cloud Hub, I am a bit confused. I don't see a reference to Cloud Hub in the guide or on any of the linked Mulesoft pages. Is this something custom you are working to setup through custom API? I believe it should actually be deployed to Anypoint studio as seen on page 14? 


    Here's also another overview of the connector: 


    "The Mulesoft Anaplan v3.1.0 connector enables you to connect your Mule flows to the Anaplan version 2.0 Bulk
    API. If you are an existing Anaplan customer, you can use this connector to access and run your import, export,
    delete, and process actions. You can also upload files independently of imports."


    Please let me know if you have any further questions. Tagging @ben_speight who is also a pro at integrations.


  • The information article subtleties the main driver of the authentication blunder when associating with workday from the cloudhub laborers and independent runtime.

  • Hi @Prudhvib , 

    Were you able to resolve the issue? I am also facing the same issue. the jks file field is expecting the full path and this is not possible when we try to deploy in the cloudhub


    Thanks .

  • Please use this ${mule.home}/apps/${}/pathonapplication