Time filter per project when project are in rows


Hi everyone, I'm facing the following situation. I need a different time filter per project (WBS-Elementen), but my projects are in the rows and so are my line items.image When I try to filter the timedimension using a timefilter (boolean) I need to select a project, because there is no 'Current page'. Is there a way around this issue? I'm kinda stuck right now 😞 Cheers, René



  • Hi René,

    Filters don't work very well when you've got Line Items on rows. That's because different line items can have different formats (some may be numeric, some boolean etc.), even if in your case they're all the same format.

    If the line items in question are all numeric, you could get round it by creating a line item subset, then putting that on your rows along with WBS Elementen, and Time on columns. That would need to be done in a separate module though.