L2 Sprint 3 INV01 formulas




I have finished writing up the formulas for all the line items, they also match the figures in next slide. How can I make sure that they are all correct (as there are multiple ways to write them)? Is there anyone in Anaplan I can email to verify? The reason I ask is few steps into the course I avoid a situation that it is suddenly not right.


  • @Niraj.B 

    I completely understand. Here's a couple of suggestions:

    • Use the screenshots provided in the course to verify your numbers. If you're getting the right number you're formula is probably correct.
    • For formulas you want to double check or to see if you've got good syntax, post them on this Forum. I'm happy to check them for you.


  • @JaredDolich Thank you, much appreciated. I have attached.

  • @Niraj.B 

    Nicely handled! Looks great. Just two minor adjustments and one suggestion:

    • Reorder flag should be <=0, not <0. If your inventory gets to zero, you'll want to reorder, so go ahead and add the =
    • Shipping Method should be looking up "Supplied by" not the distribution center - I suspect you just renamed this which is okay. It's just a name change if you want.
    • Suggestion: for your conditional statements that use "IF-THEN-ELSE". Always try to put the most likely case at the front of the conditional so the calculation engine exits as quickly as possible. Helps performance.

    Truly great work!

  • Thank you so much ! I corrected the reorder flag, now it makes sense.


    For the SYS08, not sure why I got as Distribution center. I will need to go in an earlier course to see if I made a mistake in setting up the module.


    For the IF THEN, I had a look, I guess the only place I can change is 'PO Submitted' since most of times it will be 0 , all others seem seem ok unless I didn't catch

  • @Niraj.B 

    You got this!