Importing List Formatted Line Items into List Formatted Line Items (Numbered List)




I have been getting import errors when trying to import a line item formatted as a numbered list into a different line item formatted as the same numbered list. We import directly from our source into a list formatted line item and the only workaround I've been able to come up with is to make a new line item, make the formula CODE(other line item), and use the text formatted line in my export. Is there a way to have Anaplan match up values on an import by looking at the code, not the display name? This is for line items formatted as list items only.



There are two Jane Doe's at our company, both are managers. As an attribute of each employee at our company, we tag their manager. When I try to import the list formatted line item from our data hub into our workforce planning module, the Jane Doe lines are failing, I think because the name is registering as ambiguous.

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  • JaredDolich
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    Exactly. In order for Anaplan to make a match it has to lookup one of the two primary keys of a list, the ITEM or the CODE. For numbered lists, the ITEM is not the display name, it's the system generated number which looks like "#1". You can certainly get this number and use that in the NAME mapping but it's hard to work with. CODE is usually the best bet.



  • @shanemcintosh 

    Good question and sometimes hard to sort out. When you import using a line item formatted as a numbered list, you're actually loading the system generated number Anaplan assigned. What you want to do is exactly as you mentioned. Use the CODE. 

    • Create a saved view from your source that contains the Display Name and Code and Parent if applicable (use code on that too)
    • When you import and map into your TARGET list, leave the ITEM empty, the code should be the code, parent the parent, and the display name into your list property.

    Give that a try. you've got this.

  • Thanks Jared! I think this answers my question.


    In this case, the list is already fully populated, the errors are occurring when importing Line Item 1 into Line Item 2, both formatted as that list. Even for imports within the same model, I get errors unless I make a new line item (CODE('Line Item 1')) and importing that into Line Item 2. It seems weird to me that Anaplan doesn't associate list members 1:1 for imports but that appears to be the case.