Excel Add-In


I have an excel sheet with multiple connections to Anaplan that run off saved views with filters on the lists


I have a problem that when some sheets are refreshed it won’t allow them to be updated because it claims the "dimensions of the view has changed". It then requires you to update the pivoting, even though no pivoting has changed, and takes away all the custom formatting. I either think it is a bug, or the add-in does not have the functionality to adapt if more line items are added to the views from the Anaplan system.


Does anyone else have this issue, or know a way to solve it?


  • I miswrote when I wrote line items, I meant when more list members were added

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    Yes, I had the same problem but it might be related to something different. I was trying to upload data from Excel to Anaplan and I seemed to have hit a cell limit of about 100 cells. Once I got the error I got the same message you were getting. Probably a good idea to log that with support@anaplan.com