Formula scope - actual version



I have a module where the formula scope is currently showing "actual version", where if time is less than switchover or isactualversion(), then it picks up actuals. I've tried to drill down, but I can't see which module actuals is coming from? Anapedia is quite vague and unhelpful.

Can someone please explain?



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    Yes, happy to help.  Really, you have two questions so let's see if we can knock them both out.  First, the Formula Scope being Actual Version. Basically, the only time that formula will be kicked off/used is when the version is Actual.  Now, that could mean when you pivot the versions to Actual as well as when Switchover takes over.  Basically, the cell is an "actual" cell, the formula. will be used.  For all other versions, the formula is ignored.


    The second. part of the question, it can be one of two things:

    • if there is a formula (which I think there is based off the part of the question), then you should be able to trace the data.  When you were clicking on the drill through, were you on an "actual" cell or were. you on the "forecast" or "budget" cell?  If you were. on either of the non Actual cells, then there is nothing to drill in on.
    • On the other hand, if there is not a formula, the actual data comes from the Actuals in that module.


    Does that help?