New UX and blocking actions


Hi all,

I'm starting to implement the new UX to replace some of our existing dashboards and I would like to know if users working on a page are affected by blocking actions (import/export) as it happens in the model.

This is one of our biggest challenge (ie: reduce blocking actions) to increase the anaplan adoption in our company.

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  • @Maxime.Schaller 


    The short answer is yes as the page is reading from the model/module.  The best solution is to not have users run actions and try to accomplish the same result with formulas.  My first question would be, what are these blocking actions doing/attempting to accomplish, who is running them, and when are they running them?



  • Thanks for your reply Rob,


    We have two cases of import:


    1. Import of master data (eg: new items to add, transfer prices, cost of product sold). Some of them are automatically triggered when there is a change in the datawarehouse to not block the users in their submission and the biggest imports are executed by me in a "maintenance period".
    2. Import of .csv files by end users which can happen in the same time as they all have the same deadline and in general they input the figures at the same period. We have a very large module for expenses input, I guess we can try to optimize this one and remove unnecessary items in the list. For this specific part we could also replace the .csv import functionality with the excel addin but we had some issues with the version 3. Hopefully it will work better with the latest release.

    We also have export actions to load our Datawarehouse for the group reporting which happen every 30 minutes.