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I have a requirement to highlight rows with duplicate line items in a Module. I have tried using the ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE along with conditional formatting but was only able to highlight the 2nd  duplicate row. I am using Concatenation to check duplicates within a unique key of 4 line items.

Would be great if someone can help with this.






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  • @Yashabh 


    Can you give us an example? 

  • @Yashabh  a way to do it is to create a list from the concatenation of the 4 line-items and create a summary in a module using this list from a numeric line-item with formula =1 on the source module. 


    doubles will be the ones with the sum being  >1. 



  • @alexpavel  I did explore this option but we are using Excel Add in to submit data. Clicking the Action button to trigger Import to the list would be an additional manual activity, which i am trying to avoid. However as a last option would go with it.

  • @rob_marshall  we have an module with 2 text formatted and 2 list formatted line items which will accept data using Excel Add in. I am exploring an option to highlight all duplicates (including the first one) without users having to trigger an action. 

  • @Yashabh Indeed.. it is needed to trigger an action to have this work calculated in Anaplan. 


    not very much familiar with Anaplan Excel Add-In...but can't you combine Excel formulas to highlight the duplicates using Excel potentiality? 🙂

  • @Yashabh , applied the check with the boolean and uses number format line item to pick the reoccurrences to highlight..

    Below screen print for reference:

    CommunityMember126793_0-1616150934239.png  CommunityMember126793_1-1616151021679.png


    Let here know if this will help or not

  • This worked!!


    Great Solution @kevin.cho 

    Thanks for referencing @TonyViGrand