Control Time Period drop down selections

Hi Anaplanner,


I have a scenario where the time period(year) should be selected from the dropdown for a line item. The model calendar holds 9 years and a time range holds 3 years.

I require the dropdown to show only the years included in the time range.


Is there any way to setup a dependent dropdown and not by creating custom list?


In the below image, I have 9 years displayed in the drop down but I require "FY20"," FY21" and "FY22" only






  • I think the only way is to create a fake year list and map it.




  • @Akhilesh9025 : If you only want TimeRange to be shown in list then Select the Time as "Time Range":



    Time Range as defined Time Range and Time Scale as Year


    Use the Time Range as Pages (as per convenience)



    Hope able to shed light as require!

  • @CommunityMember126793

    The scenario is about limiting the dropdown items to select for a line item with Time Period(year) format.

  • @ArunManickam

    Even I am unable to figure out any other way

    Thank You Arun

  • @Akhilesh9025 

    Create a fake time list for years and use subsets for limiting what is seen for each use. 

    Map this into time as a list item property. 

    This will need to be updated periodically as the model is rolled forward into new years. 

    Good luck,