Regarding Email Notification via Anaplan Connect Script .


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I am looking for your kind advice on Subjected Matter . I am working for Anaplan Connect Script for Import ., where we need to trigger mail to support team in case of any error while importing to Anaplan model .


Could you please help me with the details and sample script to write and handle error mechanism via Email Notification.


I would be highly thankful and much appreciate your support.


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  • Misbah



    Here is the article that should help


    Integrated Error Handling and Email Notification - Anaplan Community



  • @Deepu I would definitely suggest to go through the link suggested by @Misbah . The link has all the steps required to set up email notification. When you review section #4 in the link, it suggests to more search criteria. I would suggest to add below string search in that section:

    1) "ERROR"

    2) "failed,"

    3) "!!! The operation failed !!!"


    You might find more such strings in the log file which you would like to include in your search criteria while performing error handling.


    Hope this helps.