Personal Anaplan Workspace


Hi All,

Is there any way in which single users can obtain an Anaplan workspace for the building out small personal models?




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  • rob_marshall



    If Joe (I had to google who Joe Bloggs was, nicely done!) wants to purchase his own workspace which comes with his own tenant, I would imagine so as it would be similar to Bedford buying their own workspace/tenant.  I would imagine all they would have to do is figure out how much workspace he needed/wanted and pay for it.




  • @ChrisAHeathcote 


    You can and I have seen customers create a workspace for Training allowing folks to create whatever they want in that model.  Remember, each client has purchased X amount of workspace, but that can be divided up in any way.  But, the more workspaces you have, the harder or I should say more complex it will be for the CoE to keep track of.  I can totally see personal models, but not sure on the workspace level.  Also, one will have to think about all of the metadata and integrations going into this new model to keep it accurate.



  • @rob_marshall 

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. 

    I was actually thinking more about individuals not members of a larger group setting up their own workspace within an ecosystem of workspaces across a business.

    Is it possible for Joe Bloggs to buy a small amount of workspace as an individual?