how can I automate or schedule a process with in Anaplan




I am looking for a functionality about how can I automate or schedule a process with in Anaplan, which transfers data from one model to another model with out clicking manually each time on that process in dashboard?..


I appreciate your help on it. Thanks!



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  • JaredDolich
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    @Suman Reddy 

    Unfortunately, there isn't a built-in scheduler in Anaplan with the exception of Cloudworks but you need an AWS account. For casual use, I use my windows task scheduler. If you, or your client, have a more commercial scheduler you can use that too. As @CommunityMember126793 mentioned, you'll need to use an integration tool that can POST/PUT a RESTful API. Anaplan Connect is a good choice. I also like to use Python. Here's an example of importing the current date using both. Step by Step.