Level 2 Sprint 2 Create Product Family Manager Role


I trying to create the Product Family Manager Role in Sprint 2.  I went into Roles and there was already a role for Product Family Managers created. Under Roles-Modules I gave DEM01 write, DEM02 read, DEM03 read, SYS01 read, SYS02 read, SYS03 read and SYS04 write. For roles-versions I gave write access for actual and forecast.  And for roles-lists, I gave access to all of the list under geo, product and other.  I don't see where I can further restrict access based on region.  I have looked at the Anaplan Community and it looks like people are finding the info under the user tab, but I only have the headings email, first name, last name, model role, workspace admin, user id.   I've been having issues with my browser, so I erased my cookies and reloaded everything **** I still don't have any other options.


Does anyone have a suggestion?







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  • CommunityMember126793

    @LStinsa if understood ur query correctly then u want to restrict the access of selective access to selective Users.

    If so then use the Selective Access access option under the list region.. there u can check the users and restrict the access accordingly.

  • JaredDolich
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    @LStinsa Leah,

    1. First you'll want to turn on Selective Access as @CommunityMember126793 recommended
    2. Second, you'll give yourself access to only the regions you want.
    3. Temporarily you'll need to change your role
    4. Do not change your Workspace Admin privileges' though! Leave that on.



  • LStinsa
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    Thank you for clarifying.  I appreciate you giving screen shots and for your help.