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I am trying to import from a source module applying to a scenario list, to a target module that is independent of this list. Can I select which scenario to import from? I know that if it is the opposite, i.e. importing from a module without the scenario list to a module with scenario list, it can be set as "ask which scenario to import to each time". But can it be set to ask which scenario (list member) to import from? Currently I can not set up anything about this list as it is not applied in the target module. It simply add up the figures from all the scenarios in the source module





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  • TonyViGrand
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    Yes , It can be done. I have created a sample below to show how it can be done.


    First step, Create a line item "Scenario to be Imported" with no dimensions and the line item format should be the scenario list.

    Second, Create another line item "Filter Scenario" with scenario list as dimension and boolean as format and put formula as Item(Scenario)=Scenario to be Imported.



    Third step, In the source view for the import, Select the Filter and in the scenario tab, use the "Filter Scenario" line item from the filter module for filtering only the scenario you wanted and save the view. 



    Now in "Scenario to be Imported" line item of the Filter Module, Select the Scenario which you wanted to import and using the view you created in third step as source ,you will be able to import to the target module only the data from the scenario you wanted from the source module(In this case its Scenario 2)





    Tony Grand






  • @xin 


    Yes you can do that. Check out this article and scroll down to Case II


    Case II: When Source Module has N+n dimensions and target has N dimensions


    Importing With Varied Dimensions - Anaplan Community



  • Hi Misbah,
    Thanks for prompt reply. As I understand, in the case II, it is the sum of all region that is imported to the target module, instead of a specific region. I would like to for example, select Asia to import to the target line item. Although in my case, figures are mostly the same across scenarios.
  • @xin  I don’t think you can control it in Import action. You will have to filter it and create a saved view for that scenario just the way @TonyViGrand explained.



  • Thank you! It is very helpful!