Reconciliate when having subsidiary views for fx rate




I have an actuals module that has all transactional data from the actuals in local currency. In there I created a line item, Amount FX, that has a subsidiary view since it has the FX Rate dimension added to it so it can do the FX rate conversion on the line item Amount.


The numbers in the import are validated so they are good but the numbers flowing through to reporting based on this Amount FX line item is off. Problem is when I am going to analyze the problem: I need to go into the subsidiary view to see the conversion but then the filter is broken as subsidiary views doesn't seem to respect filters. I even tried forcing the numbers to go to USD which is the base currency, so basically taking the value times 1 but still getting the incorrect result. (I did SELECT: USD from Currency List).


Can someone advice on how to analyze this situation? Or if I should take a very different approach to handling a data module coming in with multiple currencies?

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  • JaredDolich
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    A couple of ideas:

    • Instead of using a subsidiary view, consider using a system module and reference the FX Rates based on the Transaction's Country.
    • The most efficient way to transform transactions into different exchange rates is to use a line item subset. I honestly think that was the original use case for why Anaplan built this functionality. Here's a short video on how to achieve this. Filtering will be much more intuitive too!

    Hope that helps.