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Any tips as to hide HY/FY view UNLESS you have all 6/12 months - is this a simple formula in the time modules and then used in a filter? Would that be against best practice for having >1 filter for a column/row?





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  • Misbah
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    If you go to page editing mode hit the ribbon on context selectors it will open up the mini window for you where you can apply dynamic filter which you might have created to filter months only.



  • Misbah


    If you are doing it in NUX then you can simply hide it with few clicks Else if it is being done in Module Saved views then Apply filter on the granular level and keep the summary of the filter line item set as None as this is the best practice. Try to avoid Manual Hide and Show on modules as this doesn’t follow PLANS.



  • @KIRAIKAWAII  As an additional way to achieve the same result is to use the Time Setting (System module; if u have in your model) and make a use of "Only Months" line item (as boolean check)....

    then you can use that line item in filter of your target module to display only months and nothing else..


    If need more info about Time module, below link can be referred

  • Hi Both,

    Thanks for replying.

    Just to be clear, I am trying to have it so that:


    1) User clicks on Jan and May (for example) - the corresponding inventory management grid only shows Jan and May.

       Currently it shows Jan, May AND HY/FY


    What I would like is where it is dynamic (as per the instruction) so it only shows HY or FY when ALL the corresponding months have been selected.

    I tried lots of different methods but with little success.


  • @KIRAIKAWAII hope u are trying to achieve the result through the dashboard.. can u please share screen prints of the dashboard/s, module/s (including blueprints)?

    Do u want to filter the result (like month / Year) based on Page selector (list) / on the click of line item of 1 module to sync with other module?

  • KIRAIKAWAII_0-1616332041321.png

    In the above, for the 2nd grid, I do not want H1 Fy20 or FY20 to show


    In this one, happy for those to show.


    ALSO another question I have (if OK!):




    How do I remove the context selctor showing the weeks, so that it only shows months? I have the SYS01 module with Month = TRUE, but I don't know how to apply that to a selector. I could do it manually through the show/hide filters, but do not wish to do this as it's manual and not dynamic)


  • Perfect, thanks Misbah!