3.3.12 Create product Replenishment Page


I am trying to create UX page for this. I am getting all Checked by default in the saved view  for the months but when I am using the same saved view in UX page I am not able to edit any of them. Selection of months in the top most grid.


My Saved view


All are editable in this. now in UX page



They become uneditable. I dont understand why this is happening.

Even the below INV01 grid is not editable in UX  page. But the actual grid is editable .








  • @ankitaga2000 

    It's a little bit hard to find, but you can turn your grid to be editable by clicking on the "grid" tab in the Card Configuration. There you can flip a little switch to make it editable.


  • Oh I missed that out !! @JaredDolich 

    Thanks for telling. It worked. 

    Also for the below Saved view 





    I am putting the weeks filter but still I am getting month too (JAN). I dont know why.




  • @ankitaga2000 

    Try using SYS01 Weeks Only? filter on that. 


  • This worked as I changed the filter but there are other problems which came up.  Stuck in the conditional formatting condition for the ending inventory. Where to define the condition ?




    Also My Planning Period Filter is not getting reflected in the below grids.




  • @ankitaga2000 

    For conditional formatting it depends if you use a saved view or custom view. If you built a saved view then you set the conditional formatting in Classic with your saved view. If you used a custom view, you can set the conditional formatting on the grid - there's a little icon on the upper right hand corner.

    Your time filters might not be working because you haven't applied the filter to your grid. Same logic as above.

  • Qi have applied the time filters to the grid. Time filter grid is a saved view. How to apply filter to saved view grid . Also I got the conditional formatting way in custom view . But if you see the above screen I am not getting how to apply condition in that for ending inventory less than safety stock way . 

  • Misbah



    There is a difference between the Custom View and Module View. Custom View is the something which you can edit, change, re pivot, apply the conditional formatting, sort and do other stuff while working on Page Creation in NUX. On the other hand Module View is the view that is saved in the module and you won't get any option to change it in NUX. It will come as-is from the Module or Saved View of the module.



  • I changed it to custom view and then applied the filters and it worked . My saved view was not working properly . 

  • Hello, @JaredDolich 


    Can you please help me?


    I set as you mentioned, but it didnt work out.