L2 Sprint 1 - L1.3.10.2 Import Data into G2 Country list




Task require to import data into G2 Country List using the Build Country Saved View completed in an earlier activity L1.3.6.2.

Below is screenshot of the mapping and import result.




Import result



I didn't designate a Parent in the mapping because the saved view didn't have Region for me to select from.

Regions in the saved view are included but latter part of the instruction to create the saved view said to select SHOW for the Code line item. In doing so, Regions became hidden in the saved view.


Please see below


Instructions to create saved view



Did I make a mistake in creating Build Country Saved View in that I should also SHOW Region?


I know I can fix the PARENT problem by manually mapping each country to their Region under the Parent column.

But I want to check if there is another quicker way to fix this?


Appreciate your help.


Thank you!







  • Misbah



    You will have to Include Region as well in the Saved View in order to load it into the G2 Countries  List. I would say don't map manually - the intention of doing this exercise is to make all model builders understand how to map and import successfully. You can delete the child level items by clicking on Delete in the list -> Delete all child items

     And then go back to saved view Include Regions as well in the Saved View and Import it again to the model. That should fix it