Sprint 3 Create Product Replenishment Page


Can anyone help me with the conditional formatting for ending inventory.


I am not getting what to write for minimum and max value so as to get the red flag





  • Misbah



    You will have to write the formula in CF Line item which says

    If Ending Inventory < Safety Stock Target then 1 Else 0

    Treat 1 as Red

    Mid Point is Optional - You can ignore it

    0 as Green


    Hope that helps



  • I don’t get any option to write the formula of conditional formatting in ux page . It just says directly to select the line item . 

  • Misbah



    Formula can never be written on Dashboards or Pages. You will have to go back to the INV01 module, create a line item and write a formula there in the module. Once you are done then come back to the NEW UX Page and Select that line item to apply the formatting in the NUX.