New module is not shown in Excel Add-In

I created a new module and it doesn't show up i Exel Ad-in. I've waited three days so its not just a questions of lagging.  


What am I missing? 


Ad in version


Thanks for your help!

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  • Misbah
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    Just did the POC, it works just fine for me. I created a module saw it immediately via Excel add in. 


    @MagaliP Are there any un/known bugs here?


  • Thanks for a quick response. I just want to mention that modules that I created in other models are shown in Add-in. Can you make any limitations to Add-in somwhere?
  • Not sure what happened but not I sudddenly see the module in Excel Ad-in, so I close this questions and accept that Im not sure what happenede but glad it works. /Tove