L2 Sprint 3 Distribution Center Summary Module




When the summary method is set to none there is no output for All Products and All Regions level but when I change the summary method to sum, I can see the output of stock exceptions line item.

But the instructions states to set summary method in INV03 as none.

Please help me to find out a solution to it.


The summary method for safety stock exception count in INV01 is set to sum.





  • Misbah



    When you set line item's summary to None what that means is that Anaplan will not auto Aggregate the numbers and will not show you any numbers at aggregated levels. However if you wish to aggregate the numbers by keeping your summary set to None, you can use SUM function in the target module.

    This is exactly what you you have done. So all Good - I don't think that you need to calculate exception count at All Products and All location level 


    Hope that helps


  • That clarifies my doubt.
    Thank you Misbah