Sales Planning Model: A2 List


Hi, I'm having trouble when trying to import into the Sales Planning Model: A2 List in the Sales Planning Model. I created the necessary System Module in the Data Hub in order to use to populate the A2 List. I also filtered the module so only the valid Account>Product combos show and saved as a view. I then imported this saved module view into the Sales Planning A2 list and there are missing items. Perhaps my import mapping is wrong? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Please see the below screenshots for your reference. 


(Saved Module view in the Data Hub used for import)


(Import mapping for A2 list in Sales Planning model)


(Result of import - missing items from the saved view import)






  • Misbah



    Your Import mapping looks perfect and your saved view too looks ok to me. Double check if you are importing it from the correct saved view. Here is one hint for you


    Hint: Your item count should be 4511

  • Thanks for the response. I double-checked the saved view and it appears to be ok. Below is the number of items being imported which does not match the 4511. For some reason it is skipping some of the items in the saved view. For example, the Candyate account - it appears to be imported every other line almost. 


    (Import result)


    (Import Saved view in Data Hub)


    (Resulting A2 list in Sales Planning model) - Missing P001, P003, P005 etc. 





  • Did you ever figure this out? I'm also getting the 4358, but I am seeing those candyrate list members...

  • I ended up deleting and creating the list again in the Sales Planning model and imported the data from the datahub again. It seemed to solve the issue but I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe it's just me, but the import screens seem to act a bit weird sometimes. 

  • To clarify, I meant it fixed the missing list items that were not importing but my total was still the 4358. 

  • Am I right to assume that this didn't lead to any issues down the line?
  • Hi @jjconn13 @Misbah @jakesachs 


    I imported 7950 rows.







  • I got 4509 totally, before you import , the list itself had 151 items, after you imported, add 4358, totally is 4509, almost 4511, but I still have no idea how to get 4511.

  • Ghita

    I also managed to import 4358, but I'm not sure why, the system is generating new code instead of using the mapped codes, I'm struggling with this so bad !!

    here is my mapping, does anyone see what is wrong here ?




  • What's your code look like? This code should come from datahub module.