The 'Duplicate App' feature doesn't work since Mar 19th 2021

Hi All, the 'Duplicate App' feature doesn't work since Mar 19th 2021 (I can make a copy of an existing app, but when I open the duplicated app, there is no pages in it), has anyone else found the same issue as I did? Thank you!


  • @x4uhaj 


    No, I don't really think it is an issue. I have recently duplicated app and it just worked fine. However I would like to clarify that duplicating the App doesn't duplicate MY PAGES. It only duplicates what has been developed as part of the App by the page builder. If you had MY PAGES in the App and you duplicate it you will lose all those Pages. 


    But if you think there are other App Pages as well which are getting lost, you can raise a ticket with Anaplan Support

  • Hi Misbah:


    Thank you for your reply. I don't have any My Pages in the app, all the pages in the app has been published. And once I duplicate the app, and I open the duplicated app, there is no pages in it, only the categories names.


    If you or someone else can try and see today, I would appreciate it.


    And I have been doing this copy app works for almost a year. It came as a problem since last Friday. I hope to raise this issue in the forum so that anyone who has same issue can pay attention as well. Thank you!





  • @x4uhaj 


    Thanks for sharing it. I would recommend to log a ticket with Anaplan Support  and share it with wider audience here

  • Hey Adam, I have noticed that if you try to refresh the page prior to the app copy finishing, you get an app without pages.  I usually wait for the job to complete then check and it works.  Hopefully this helps. -JT

  • hi Adam. I'd like to add that duplicate pages from employee monitoring software reports, which we really need, also don't work for us. We waited for the download and even after updating it, it still didn't help . Any ideas?