Link Text Type inputs


In the native dashboarding, you are able to publish line items with a format of Text and a Text Type of Link allowing end users to associate a hyperlink to a dimension item. In the new UX, however, it doesn't appear to allow this text type. Has anyone encountered this issue and have a work around? Or is there a way to enable this text type?


  • Hey,


    Thanks for your message. This is an interesting question!


    Are you able to provide screenshots in the classic dashboard view?


    Also by “not allow” in the NUX, are you seeing an error message or is there no option to post? Screenshot? 


  • I actually figured it out! Instead of publishing as a "Field" you need to publish as a Grid and select the line item to show. 


    Not as elegant, but a temporary solution. I am going to suggest as an update 🙂