Sprint 3 Stock Exceptions UX Page

1. I having having trouble with getting the time context selector in the UX Page.


I am sharing my screen and how i selected Time . But time hierarchy is off. I cannot change it. So please help. 

2. Also I can see all the SKU in third grid (created based on INV01). I read it on the forums its supposed to be that way. So am I correct ? (Since advanced filter settings are learned in next level) @Misbah





  • @ankitaga2000 

    Since I have done L2 long back, I am not sure if few things might have been changed in the course.


    However if you want to get the Time (Year Level) on Context Selectors, you have to create a dummy module which is dimensioned by Time (Year only) and place it on Page Section of Module while creating the module with No Line items and publish somewhere it at the bottom of the Page of New UX. Although you don't require that grid but you will get the context selectors for Time in the Page which you enable for the synchronization.


    On Third Grid I think you need an ability to synchronize it on Product Family. Which means you need to have Product Family as Context Selectors. Again take the same approach as above if SKUs are in Rows and you want to sync it based on Product Family.


  • I made a dummy module of time with half year as i needed half year also. I got the page selector but still I am not able to sync the time with the below grids.



    And I dont understand for the third grid at all. @Misbah 


  • @ankitaga2000 


    In Your dummy module shuffle your Time Dimension from Columns to Pages. Once you do that you can enable Synchronization on Time in New UX designer mode.


    On Third Grid what I meant was create dummy module with Product family as dimension on pages. Then publish it the same way you are doing it with Time dimension.

  • Its not getting sync with time even though i changed it to rows.



  • @ankitaga2000 


     Place them in Context Selectors and not in Rows. 



  • its still the same after applying in context selector also. @Misbah 



  • @ankitaga2000 


    It should work as long as you are not using Hide/Show, Select Levels to Show. If you are using any one of these options it will not work, try to remove these and then check