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Wanted to publish a custom view on the new UX using the new UX conditional formatting. I have a query on the show hide part. 


My row headers are Lists. I have Line Items as column headers. I have time under each line item on the columns side. However I want to show only 'All periods' for one line item and then show monthly break up for another line item. Currently when I use show and hide the same applies for all time, can we do it like how we used to do it in the classic dashboard. Wherein we were able to manually hide and show time under each lineitem 


Thank you.

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  • Misbah
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    If there is a need of hide/show on Nested dimensions you will have to do it in Module directly, Save that View and use that view in New UX. Custom View in NUX will not allow you to achieve customized hide/show that you are trying to achieve


  • Yes that was my initial layout I published a saved view done directly on the module. But I was then not allowed to used the new UX Conditional formatting. Is there a way I can use that with a saved view published from the module ?
  • @Sachinsourav02 


    Nope. You can have either this or that not a mix of both. However you can do the conditional formatting in your saved view and then publish it. 


  • Oh ok, thanks for the information. I actually need to use the new UX CF because of more colour options. Seems like I'll have to make a tough choice between colour or better looking table with only required columns. 😞 Too bad. Wish they come out with an update for the same.