Sprint 3 - 3.6.1 Create roles and test as end users


Hi can someone guide me with the step by step process of how to do this. i tried it and failed







  • Misbah



    It means that you have to create two Roles within the model and provision the users with the required access. In Users section set correct access for the modules, versions, lists etc. Clear the contents and then set yourself with that role and see if you see the required dashboards.

  • Where do we have to give selective access and also to what all we will need to give selective access @Misbah 

  • EgeK

    Hi ankitaga2000,


    If you go to your Model Settings and open 'General Lists', you can see in the 3rd column across there are Booleans for Selective Access.


    Carefully read each point in the activities and see whether it wants a certain role to be able to Read or Write within that list.


    After ticking the Selective Access boxes for the necessary lists, go to 'Users' (as Misbah has has mentioned above) and assign Read/Write access to the appropriate 'Roles'.


    Hope this helps!

  • EgeK

    @ankitaga2000 sorry I forgot to tag you above!

  • You can assign yourself the role to test. Just make sure you don't untick 'Workspace admin' role.