Regarding Anaplan Connect Script issue while intrection to Anaplan system via middleware route.


Dear all ,


we are trying to import via Anaplan connect script .Actually we have system flow as mentioned.


Windows server(Anaplan connect script run) -----> Data power Server(middleware for security reason) ---- Anaplan Cloud system(model ,workspace)

if we are executing script via using certificate based authentication outside client network I,e path like window server -->Anaplan cloud system , Script working fine and able to import data .

But when middleware comes into picture where they provided URL for API/ by different name , we are not able to make connection at all and below error coming as attached.


Could you please help me with the right script or solution to work Script.


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    If handshake failure executed it most probably means that an incomplete certificate trust path. But I am not an integration architect, looping the best integration guru @ben_speight  to throw some light on this.


    This is quite new to me as well. We have never used middleware while integrating Via Anaplan Connect. Hence would be more than happy to see what his response be.

  • Deepu
    HI Team ,

    Below error coming after passing the Certificate and Key in Script . I am not able to understand if some thing wrong with script or with Certificate . Kindly Advice.

    2021-03-24 05:33:54 INFO [c.a.client.Service :83 ] 17620 |-- Initializing Service...
    2021-03-24 05:33:54 INFO [bstractAuthenticator:46 ] 17620 |-- Authenticating via Certificate...
    2021-03-24 05:33:57 INFO [.t.r.FeignApiRetryer:49 ] 17620 |-- Retrying API request: Attempt (1)
    2021-03-24 05:33:57 DEBUG [.t.r.FeignApiRetryer:50 ] 17620 |-- Request details: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target executing POST
  • There could be a variety of reasons, such as the service using a self-signed certificate or even not using TLS at all.

    Try running curl -v if you have curl installed, or accessing it using a browser and inspecting the server certificate via the padlock icon. Then we'll have at least some idea of what we're looking at

  • Hello @Deepu


    This is an interesting scenario. I have dealt with a few middleware and PKIX/handshake issues in the past back when I used to work in Anaplan Support. I also reached out and consulted my fellow colleague @JonFerneau regarding this issue.


    Here is what he said in regards to the error: 


    "If they are behind a proxy then yes, adding the -via and -viauser variables to the script should resolve the issue. Otherwise, they would need to add the Anaplan certificates to their Java trust store so that they trust the api.anaplan and auth.anaplan endpoints. Article attached that walks through that process."


    In other words the handshake PKIX error you are encountering is tied to a trust issue between Anaplan/Java Store. 


    Attaching an article which can help walk you or your IT team through how to add certs to the Java Trust Store.


    Let me know if you have any further questions on this!





  • Deepu

    Dear Expert ,


    I m getting below shown error while importing data to cost center hierarchy . I am not able to understand what went wrong could you please help me to understand .


    2021-04-15 05:57:52 INFO  [c.a.client.Task     :-1   ] 15396 |--
    2021-04-15 05:57:52 INFO  [c.a.client.Task     :-1   ] 15396 |--   Error parsing key for this row; no values: 1
    2021-04-15 05:57:52 INFO  [c.a.c.l.LogUtils    :52   ] 15396 |--   ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    2021-04-15 05:57:52 INFO  [c.a.c.ServerFile    :98   ] 15396 |--   Downloading file D:\Anaplan Integration\6.Cost_Center_Hierarchy\Logs\errorlog.txt\6-112000000035-112000000035
    2021-04-15 05:57:52 DEBUG [c.a.c.TaskResult    :124  ] 15396 |--   Fetching Process action's nested-dump file chunks for task=152B016CD9864D369FEB6DB71F2B973B, dumpfileid=112000000035
    2021-04-15 05:57:52 DEBUG [c.a.c.TaskResult    :135  ] 15396 |--   Downloading Nested-dump data-chunk 112000000035:0
    2021-04-15 05:57:53 INFO  [.t.r.FeignApiRetryer:49   ] 15396 |--   Retrying API request: Attempt (1)
    2021-04-15 05:57:53 DEBUG [.t.r.FeignApiRetryer:50   ] 15396 |--   Request details: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error:
    2021-04-15 05:57:57 INFO  [.t.r.FeignApiRetryer:49   ] 15396 |--   Retrying API request: Attempt (2)
    2021-04-15 05:57:57 DEBUG [.t.r.FeignApiRetryer:50   ] 15396 |--   Request details: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error:
    2021-04-15 05:58:02 INFO  [.t.r.FeignApiRetryer:49   ] 15396 |--   Retrying API request: Attempt (3)
    2021-04-15 05:58:17 DEBUG [.t.r.FeignApiRetryer:50   ] 15396 |--   Request details: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error: