Level 1 Model Building Lesson 13.3.1

How to apply/get the access of page builder in order to create an App? The App section says i need to contact the tenant administrator.


  • @rps98 


    Yes that is right. Tenant Admin of your organization can provide you that (page builder) access. Get in touch with your Tenant Admin and ask him to provide the access.


    But if you are on 90 day free trial program and not employed with any org (which has procured Anaplan License) then you can get started with MY PAGES.

  • Yes I am on the 90 day free trial program. Thanks

  • @rps98 


    I think you should get started with MY PAGES. I am not sure if Anaplan gives you page builder access in Level 1. You can still go ahead and drop an email to [email protected]