5 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Anaplan Groups



Anaplan Groups exist to help you go further in your Anaplan journey by sharing and collaborating with like-minded peers. In essence, Groups are micro-communities within the larger Anaplan Community, each built around a specific region, topic, or another unifying theme that brings people together. Groups provide places to seek help for modeling challenges or difficult training modules, learn about innovative use cases, discuss and see demos of new platform features, and so much more.

If you’re not yet one of the 4,000+ members currently participating in a Group, here are five things you should know.

1. We have a Group for you!

Anaplan Groups were once just known as User Groups, but that changed last year when we realized that their purpose was bigger than simply bringing people together to discuss using the platform better. While Anaplan may be the common thread running through all Groups, there are now more options than ever for connecting with your peers.

“I was inspired by the best practices shared…I also felt very encouraged to know that they experienced similar challenges that I’ve had. It made me feel very much part of the Community, and it invigorated my excitement about Anaplan.”

We have more than 60 Groups to support you—Groups to help you network within your industry or along specific topics of interest, regional Groups for conversation among local connections, platform Groups for diving deep into specific aspects of Anaplan, and more. We’re adding new Groups all the time, so if you have ideas for one that doesn’t yet exist, please tell us what you’d like to see.

2. Anyone can join a Group

“Sharing experience—that’s what makes this Community great.”

As a company, Anaplan values Openness—and Groups are no different. You don’t have to be an Anaplan customer or have any experience with the platform to join a Group, participate in conversations, or attend events. While some Groups or events may be restricted to specific audiences, most are fully open to all—platform learners, planning pros, modelers, enthusiasts, and the merely curious.

“This is a very helpful ‘network’ of users for me; I learned new approaches and I enjoyed the interaction very much.”


3. You can attend Group events from anywhere

Anaplan Groups host frequent events, and for the last year, every event has been fully virtual. Over the last twelve months, Anaplan Groups hosted more than 80 fully virtual events for 1600+ registrants. Some were hosted by topic-focused Groups like Retail or Sales, but many were run by region-specific Groups and broadcast virtually—all over the world—from cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, Moscow, London, New York, and San Francisco..

“Happy to have finally been able to attend since the meeting was virtual!”

While we all miss gathering in person, the ability to attend any of these events without getting on an airplane is a huge opportunity. More than 25% of registrants to these “regional” events last year were from people outside those regions. And, as called out above, you don’t even have to be a member of a particular Group to attend an event (although we recommend it).

So…check out our upcoming events and travel the world from your desk chair!

“…this worked very well and was good to allow those of us not based in London to take part.”

4. You can meet amazing Anaplanners

“Good to see other people with similar issues and priorities…Hoping as I attend more often I’ll build my network of people more.”

With everyone in a different place on their Anaplan journey, there’s always someone else who has either already faced what you’re facing or soon will be. In Groups, members can share their experiences equally, ask questions, and contribute in a way that benefits the whole Group. At events and in the Community’s dedicated online spaces, they also have unprecedented access to experts like Master Anaplanners, partners, Community Bosses, and representatives from Anaplan’s Product and Solutions teams.

“I liked being able to ask questions live and collaborate with the Anaplan team as well as clients.”

5. You can lead a Group!

Anaplan Group Leaders are passionate about Anaplan and want to drive success and value for themselves and their Group members. They’re thought leaders, connectors, and people who just like to help. Group Leaders are part of their own powerful micro-community, where they can share and collaborate with other Leaders, access program tools and resources, and benefit from Leader-exclusive perks that make the role both fun and rewarding. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please send us a note!

“2020 was a good year for [our] Group thanks to the awesome teamwork. I certainly couldn’t have gotten the Group off the ground without all the contributions.”

If you’re not yet part of a Group or have never attended a Group event, take a moment now to find someplace to plug in; then say hi and introduce yourself.

If you’ve been a Group member for a while, be sure to drop into your Group soon to ask a question or share a thought.

Remember…the Anaplan journey is better together!