Unable to drill down: transaction module and line items must apply to a single list.

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Does the drill down to transaction work only when then source has limited dimensions (e.g. one list, time, and line items)?


My source contains: one list, time and line items. I was able to use drill down to transaction in my summary module. 


Then I added a dimension to my source module (a synthetic version list) and my summary module. I received the error message of "Unable to drill down: transaction module and line items must apply to a single list." when I tried to use drill down to transaction. Nothing else changed. 


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  • Misbah
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    Honestly speaking I don't have any idea why it works best with 2-D modules. It works perfectly fine with 3D/4D modules as well as long as you are using SUM function only. I would expect that you would get into LOOKUP and SELECT statements if you add multiple dimensions but if you are not then I think it should be ok 

  • Misbah
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    You can log a support ticket with [email protected] Also I am looping some of the stalwarts here


    @rob_marshall @MarkWarren Why would Drill to Transaction work best with 2D Source modules?

  • @LilyLiuAnaplan @Misbah 


    You have to be careful with drill to transaction because the data has to be in one module, meaning you can't segregate your data into a Transactional module as well as a properties module.  Now, if you properties or metadata does change across Time, then that is a different story. 


    This can't be used: Data in one module by time and properties in another module





    So, why does the drill to transaction work for a module with a single list and Time?  I believe it has to do with the block structure (Anaplan stores the data  in three different blocks at the lowest level: custom lists, versions, and Time.  Basically, what Drill Though to Transaction is doing, it is going to a single module and dynamically creating a view to show you the results.  When you add in another list, it can become very complex and could be a real performance issue which is why I received this when I added another list to my source:






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  • @LilyLiuAnaplan 


    Great topic to discuss.


    There are many limitations while using this function, top most being

    1. You can only use this when there is a SUM function being used in the summary module.
    2. You can not add any other function like lookup, select etc. in the formula and expect it to work.
    3. If there is an addition of two line items within the formula it will not work. (For example X[SUM: A] + Y [SUM: A])
    4. It works best from Two Dimensional Source Module

    For more info please see THIS

  • Dear Misbah, 


    Thank you so much.


    May I have a follow up question on "d. It works BEST from Two Dimensional Source Module" please? 


    My first round of development work satisfies all four conditions and the Drill Down to Transaction function works. 

    Then I added a third dimension and received the error message. It makes me think that this function works ONLY from two dimensional module. 


    If it works only from two dimensional module, I will remove the third dimension by using a lookup function or select function since drill down to transaction is such a useful function. 


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  • Thank you so much.

    It is good to confirm "It works perfectly fine with 3D/4D modules". I will give it another try. Yes, I will make sure to use SUM only.

    Thank you again.

  • Hey, 


    I just want to report back. 


    So I ensured my source has only two dimensions (one list and one time), then the drill down transaction works again. When I add a third one, it doesn't work. 


    I am happy with the result, but I would definitely would like to bottom out this issue, at some point!


    Thanks again,



  • Thank you so much Rob. It is very helpful and well explained my error message.