Every time to run my import it says that there are errors and my order for the source is column 1: Product Code, column 3: family code and column 1: product code and I know this is right because this is the same thing that other people have used and they got it right but when I run it it says that there is an error and the error is invalid parent so I am not sure what to do if someone could please help me with this that would be great. Thx! 



  • @spm18 It would be great if you can share the screenshot of the error. If I have to make an assumption... I guess that there must be a record in the source which has parent has "Null" which could be the cause for the error message "Invalid Parent".


    Please share the error message screenshot with the details of the error from Import action to help on this issue.



  • @spm18 

    Adding to @ashish.banka idea. Invalid Parent means that Anaplan could not find the Product Family (the parent of product). take another look at your Product Family list and make sure all the list items are loaded correctly. If they are, also check that product has product family as it's parent. You're super close. You'll get this!