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Hi Anaplan Community,

I was wondering if any one can help me out with a simple formula issue. I am linking a field from one module to another module (within the same model).  The problem is that the destination module has an extra dimension.  When I create the formula to link to the other module (using a sum function on a shared dimension) the number is spread even in all the extra dimensions. Do you guys know how I can modify the formula so that the data just goes into one of the "levels" in the extra dimension, instead of it spreading out evenly in all levels?


As you guys can tell i don't have much experience in modeling in Anaplan so its difficult to describe.  I have included a graph below.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!





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  • Rob,

    It worked.  Thank you very much!  There is no way i would have figured this out myself.  


    Thanks again.



  • @jmiyagis 

    An alternative approach is to use the properties module of additional dimension by adding a boolean formatted line item which can be used to allocate the allocation to the desired target dimension. 

    Then use an IF THEN ELSE function to query which dimension has been checked and only run the formula for that list item. 


    IF SYSxx List Properties.Allocation THEN ADD FORMULA ELSE 0


    If the allocation dependant on another dimension then create a new systems module contain all the required dimensions and use a boolean line item from this new module to confirm the target list item to be allocated against. Note that the additional dimensions must be present in the target module. 



  • Chris,

    Thank you. I will also give this a try.  I appreciate everyone's help and expertise!