Issue: Informatica Cloud Connection to Anaplan Success but 0 rows processed.


Hi Anaplanners,

I am trying to use IICS to establish a connection between my oracle db to Anaplan module. But everytime I test my IICS process, it's giving me a success status but showing 0 rows processed, and when I check the module, nothing was imported in. I also tested my action manually and it worked fine. I also check mapping in IICS and everything was correct.


IICS Job Status.PNG


Has anyone had similar issues in the past that they can share some insights?


PS: I have another process to import from same data source into Anaplan list (which is used as the only dimension in the module above), and it's success with the correct rows.





  • Misbah



    I would check the module first and the format of the source file/data. And then I would go to Import mapping in Anaplan and check if the mapping is done correctly. I would also try to run the import manually first to see if everything is imported successfully before Informatica kicks in.

  • we did run the import manually first and it was fine. We also checked the mapping in both IICS and Anaplan and they were fine as well.

    When you say check the format of the source file/data. What issue am I looking for exactly? The data comes from IICS as string, and in Anaplan, the line items are text format.