"error parsing key for this row no values" error while Importing a list from a list in another model



I do not have a module setup for an import of the list from another list from other model. and I get this error 

'error parsing key for this row no values'. How can I get rid of this error. Thanks in advance!

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  • Misbah
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    Create a Boolean line item which will be TRUE for all the items (if you don't want to filter it based on any logic). Use that Boolean as a filter to create a saved View. Keep the Summary of Boolean Filter Line item to "None"



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  • @garima.rawat Not very sure from the error... however whenever you try to import from one model to another, I would always check the "Source Model" settings to check whether the source model from which we are importing is correct.



  • Misbah



    Good Question!


    "First of all It is not considered to be the Best Practices to Import List into another List. Below error is a typical example of why it is not considered to be the Best Practice. You could easily avoid all these silly errors by importing from saved view to the list"


    Here is what I think might be happening. If you are importing from one list to another list and Importing is happening on the basis of "Code Only" then you get these error messages when the code is missing in few of the source list items


    Source List


    Import Mapping




    Error message


    Target List


    Hope this helps



  • @ashish.banka thanks! I will check that

    @Misbah Thanks for your reply. 

    So the best practice would be creating a module and importing from its saved view u mean ?

  • Misbah



    Yes, Always Import from Saved View.

  • @Misbah If I have a hierarchical list but its a balanced hierarchy how should I create the flat module for import?

  • @Misbah Thank you! this makes sense