User Story 1.6 Module


Hello, I just built a module for User Story 1.6 and wanted to make sure I am on the right track before I proceed to User Story 1.7. The validation criteria for the story is, "I will know this is complete when I can see the Final Account Sales Targets aggregated for each country’s small, medium and large segments." Any guidance would be much appreciated! 






  • Misbah



    Numbers looks off. 

  • @jjconn13 

    The numbers are not summing correctly.

    Check that there are no gaps in the mapping table line item and all are allocated to a segment.

    Check that the summary options are set to SUM.


  • Thank you for your replies. I'm currently pulling the Initial Account Sales Target number from the TAR01 Detailed Sales Target module and summing it by country and segment. Is this not the correct approach? The numbers I'm pulling seem to reconcile to source module but yet are not the correct numbers. 

  • @jjconn13 

    Check the summary settings in the target module. 

    Despite where you are taking the numbers from they are not summing up the hierarchies correctly. 


    A screen shot of the source and target blueprint will be helpful too. Ensure that you include the formula, applies to and summary columns.



  • Ok, think I have found what the issue is after looking at other community posts. Looks like the Final Sales Target number isn't calculated yet, so I have to complete subsequent user stories first. Thanks again for the help. 




  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your reply. Below are screenshots of the target and source modules.

    (Target module)


    (Source module)




  • HIi, @Misbah@JaredDolich 


    I got the result of User Story 1.6 following:



    The data comes from 'TAR02 Account Review'.Initial Account Sales Targets using SUM for Country and Segment.

    Could you tell me if my result is right? Please.


    Best regards.