Level 2 Conclusion : Importing from DEM04 into DATA02 SKU Volumes




I'm not getting errors as such but instruction says that there should be none ignored but in my case there are values in ignored. 

Can anyone help e find where I went wrong.





  • Hi, @rgarg25!

    Anaplan ignoring a sum elements (H1 FY20, Nutzo Bar and etc.)

    It is good practice to keep filters on the export view that hide the summing elements. So imports are faster and there is no ignoring of elements.

  • @rgarg25 

    The import process is automatically ignoring all the summary level items from lists and time.

    Remove the list and time summary items from the saved view used to import the data.

    Right click on the rows and select, 'select levels to show', deselect all summary levels and only show the lowest level items.

    Do this for all lists.

    For the time dimension use a time systems module to filter on months only ( or any other time frame ).

    Save this and re-run the import.

  • While exporting data, I am getting no data in SKU Code and Location Code columns. Can you please guide to figure out?



  • Never mind. works now!!

  • @patelpn3 @AntonMineev

    how did you configured the import?

    But i got errors. Tried to map the Demand to the volumne but doesn,t work

  • Oh never mind, my DATA02 start on the year 2019 while the information from the import is of 2020 so the first year appears as 0´s and i thought it wasn´t importing correctly