Whiteboard activity - what to produce?




For the final Whiteboard activity, what are we meant to produce? Is it meant to be a copy of below ?


anaplan way whiteboard.JPG


By doing the above on our own, we reinforce the methodology in our mind, is my understanding correct?



  • EgeK

    Hi @Niraj.B 


    I think the purpose of the activity is to get you to draw out what you understand and remember from the lessons.


    Attempt without looking, then see what you missed. It's valuable as the learner for you to see for yourself how much information you soaked up!


    Writing/drawing what you have learnt without looking is a very basic but powerful tool. It is the activity which is important, not your final result 🙂


    Hope this helps!

  • Yes, that is what I am thinking. I am very happy to draw myself since it will only help me. It was just that I make sure I am doing the right thing and not misunderstood the task.