7.2.3 mapping errors


I am having trouble mapping but can not figure out what I am doing wrong. I manually put in the dates for start and leave in the format YYYYMMDD as well. Can anyone help me get past this point without errors? Thank you. Screenshot (17).pngScreenshot (18).pngScreenshot (19).pngScreenshot (20).png


  • Hi @aab22!

    Can you download CSV File with detailed description of import warnings?

    After import you see data in module?


  • @aab22 

    You need to manually map your line items.

    Notice in the top left of the screen directly underneath where the mapping tab is located you have the option to map manually.

    Check this. Then select the line items which are not mapped from the left box and match these up to the corresponding line item in the target module from the right hand box.

    Map Employees to name and Country Code to Country.

    For the time settings I would use the the YYYYMMDD selection from the date options. 

    Other than that I can not see any other reason why you should receive an error.


    Good luck