Error -'Another row has already been processed with this key'




I was trying to import data from a module to a list and I am getting the following error-

"Another row has already been processed with this key"


Current chapter fro reference- 1.4.5 Activity: Import Data from Saved Views


I have attached the error screenshots for reference


  • I am not really sure if this is an error or something i should be ignoring(

  • EgeK

    Hi @aadilrafeeque 


    First of all, just a quick reminder of a rule when importing from a module, you should always import from a saved view. (Which you might have already known).


    When mapping the import, you have mapped Code to Code, however it seems like the code from the source (module) is the code for the Products. 


    Anaplan assumes this Code will be the unique identifier for SKU, however if you look at the error screenshot you can see the code for each SKU will come up numerous times, coincidentally the same number of times as the Products (parent). So Anaplan thinks you are importing the same item multiple times since it uses the Code as a unique identifier!


    Maybe look at the source module again and create a new saved view with the SKU Codes instead, then try the import again?


    Hope this helps!

  • @aadilrafeeque 

    This error is generated when you have duplicates in your source file/module.


    From your screenshots you are using the SKU Flat code to import. 


    As this is a combination list of SKU and Country this is the wrong code to use to define the import.


    Use the concatenated code which is a combination of SKU and Country.

  • use a formula in your module and then try to import it