Delete process for different levels in a hierarchy


Hi Anaplan family,
I want to publish a process to delete all the levels in a hierarchy, but be able to select the levels to be deleted.

Will I need to create a single module for this or multiple modules with different levels. 

Thanks in advance!



  • Hello Garima,


    If i understand you correctly, you want to delete from multiple levels in a hierarchy.


    1. You can configure the "Delete flag" boolean at the higher most level. This is user input.

    2. Based on this "Delete flag" calculate the delete flag for other level. So you get a delete flag for each level, all of these are calculated.

    3. Configure the delete action for each level based on its respective delete flag. Now you can put all these actions in one process.


    Hope it helps.




  • In the Current Levels pane: To hide a level, click a level other than the top or bottom. From the Visible list, select No. Then click Save selected hierarchy item. To delete the top level, click Delete selected hierarchy item. In the confirmation dialog box, click OK. You can delete the top level only.


  • @ArunManickam 
    Thanku for your response.

    I have a ques, so if we have a module with the lowest level list (say L4). Can we still create this logic for different levels in the same module and also can u recommend the best formula to use. Thanks again

  • Hi Garima, 


    There are multiple ways to do this, here's one way. 


    Build a module without Applies To that will be published on a dashboard. Create four Boolean formatted line items:
    1. Delete L1?

    2. Delete L2?

    3. Delete L3?

    4. Delete L4?


    Then, build four other Boolean formatted line items with the following formulas:

    1. Delete L1 - Formula : 'Delete L1?'

    2. Delete L1 - Formula : 'Delete L2?'

    3. Delete L1 - Formula : 'Delete L3?'

    4. Delete L1 - Formula : 'Delete L4?'


    Lastly, you can create four Delete actions using the second set of line items you've created, and put them in a process. If the 'Delete LX?' of a particular level is selected, the entire level will get deleted. If it isn't selected, the level won't be deleted. 


    I hope I captured what you've requested in your note above. 




  • you can do it all in one module, by changing the dimension of each line items.



  • hi @bletarte 

    Thanks for your reply. I cannot select any other line items except one associated with L4 one when I m using "Delete from List Using selection" .

    Do u think I need to use any other Delete action?


  • Hi Garima, 


    I forgot to mention that the 'Delete LX' line items should have the same Applies To as the level you are trying to delete. Meaning this:

    Delete L1 - Applies To: L1

    Delete L2 - Applies To: L2

    Delete L3 - Applies To: L3

    Delete L4 - Applies To: L4


    You should then be able to create four delete actions that will each take care of one of the levels. 


    Hope this helps,


  • @bletarte Thanku it worked!