4.8.2 is giving me an error saying invalid parent. I mapped it 

none to E2 department

column 3 dept code to parent 

column 2 code to code

column 9 active to e2 employee active

column 1 employees to display name


please help

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  • abhi1017
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    The mapping is incorrect there hence you see the error.


    Family Name >> Product Family

    Blank >> Parent

    Family code >> Code


    Similarly you need to do for E1 departments as well.

    Product Family is the highest level in hierarchy hence you don't need to map any parent to it.



  • @ZachChurch  make sure that your hierarchy is set-up correctly. Do you have your Parents specified for your list? It seems that you did not do that correctly and therefore the import shows you an error. 

  • I am not sure what is wrong with my parent lists. 2021-04-02 (5).png2021-04-02.png

  • Hi @ZachChurch 


    E2 Employees is a numbered hence you need to map it with the code and leave the first row empty.

    Could you pls share screenshot of the Import action mapping to help you further.

  • Is your E1 department list populated ?

    If not pls update/populate that list first as E1 department is parent of E2 Employees.

    Then run the E2 Employees action.

    Share screenshots of E1 department if problem persists.

  • I'm very confused about the invalid parent error. I deleted it and started fresh and E1 I imported things in and it was good. Then when I imported into E2 it gave me that error.2021-04-02 (68).png2021-04-02 (67).png2021-04-02 (66).png2021-04-02 (65).png

  • Could you pls share screenshot of your E1 department list.?


  • I am having the same invalid parent for P1 and P2 and E1 and E2 it wont let me manually enter it in grid view either for the whole list the parent for E2 is E1 but it wont allow it to be. 

  • I am not sure where to find the info when I imported it it said sucessful

    2021-04-02 (69).png

  • Step 1.- Pls create and run import action for P1 Product family and E1 Deparments.

    Step 2:- Run E2 and P2 Import actions.

    Note:- Only if step 1 is successful and data is visible in those lists ,step 2 will be successful. 


    Else share screenshots of  P1 and E1 import actions


  • I went through P1 it said import successful but none of the data was there2021-04-02 (76).png2021-04-02 (75).png2021-04-02 (73).png

  • Okay, I got it, Thank you so much for all your help.