Level 2 Sprint 3 Create Distribution Center Capacity Module


Hi! I am having issues with the formula for Total Beginning Inventory in INV04 Distribution Center Capacity.

The formula I have used is 'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Beginning Inventory[SUM: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Distribution Center] but it only returns zeros instead of the correct amounts. Any idea why would this happen please? Attached some screenshots.


I just can't figure out why it's not working. Thank you!


  • EgeK

    Hi @evacarusu ,


    I think this might be the case because your Time Summary for 'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Beginning Inventory is set to 'None'. 


    Maybe double check INV01 in blueprint mode to see the Summary setting for the Beginning Inventory line item?




    Try using WEEKVALUE() since your source module is in weeks and your target module is in months.



    Hope this helps!

  • Hi @EgeK ,


    Thanks for looking into this. 

    The summary type for Begining Inventory in INV01 - I set this to None as required in the training instructions. I changed this now for testing purposes to "Closing Balance" but this still doesn't seem to solve the issue in INV04.

    Regarding the WEEKVALUE() function. My source model is at week level but the target is at month level. Shouldn't this then be automatically aggregated by Anaplan without me using weekvalue?


    Thank you!

  • EgeK

    Hi @evacarusu 


    If you were told to set it to None that should be fine. I think it only automatically sums periods as you've said when the summary method is selected to the appropriate setting.


    I apologise, you're right WEEKVALUE() is not what you need, I was meant to say try MONTHVALUE()? 



    Hope this helps!

  • Hi @EgeK ,


    Thank you. According to Time aggregations I shouldn't need any time aggregation functions. I don't know, it might be a bug or something, I'll try to build the module again from scratch. Thanks!

  • Ok, so I just built it from scratch, same formula, same summary method for the source model (None) and this time it worked...still no idea why I got zeros in the first place. But glad it works. Thanks! 

  • EgeK
    Eyyy well done, that's great to hear!! I'm glad it worked in the end 🙂
  • @evacarusu 

    Your source module INV01 has not value for month as you have set the summary to none. 

    Change this to closing balance for time.

    I can not see any other problem with your formula. 

    The mapping is correct as you are summing into the distribution centre using a mapping table dimensioned by SKU and line item formatted by Distribution centre.

    The only odd thing is the summary setting.

    Good luck,


  • Thank you @ChrisAHeathcote ! Yes, Summary method None + Time: Closing Balance worked.