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I'm attempting to import Volume Growth Rates.csv. When mapping the time (column headers) on the file, I select Periods, but there is no Y-M or M-Y option. I assume something is messed up that I'm unaware of. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Sean O


  • Hi @seanomahoney


    Check the time scale of your DEM01 module. It looks like it is week, but it should be month. 


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  • Hey JussiLi,


    Change Time Scale to Month, but still seeing Y-W/W-Y. 

  • @seanomahoney


    Open DEM01 module and its blue print, and check that also line item has month as time scale. 


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  • That was it...Thank you! 😀

  • Good to hear. Happy to help. 


  • Hello everyone!


    I got almost the same issue with the exception of my Time Scale is already set as "Month", but I still got a mistake.

    Do anybody have a suggestions what am I doing wrong?


  • Yes, the format is Y-M, the issue was that "the language for month names" was "Russian".
    But thank you anyway!
  • Thank you for posting this. My target module had all of the correct settings in blueprint mode. However, in the import box on the time tab, I was selecting the incorrect time radio button. The format is the Y-M! Such a relief.

    Thank you.

  • I tried this, but Anaplan says: "The custom format is not valid for this import"

  • When you put in YY-MMM under Custom fixed-position pattern, make sure to select Periods instead of Dates at the top. Hope this helps.

  • Time scale should be month for module & line item both.

    For Time tab in mapping, choose Periods --Y-M. That should let you import data.

    Hope this helps. thanks.

  • Hi Seanomahoney,


    I had trouble with this import as well. 


    1. Firstly ensure that you have gone into the blueprint view and the time setting is set to Month.


    2. Then go to "Data" -> "Import" to import the data from the excel file

    The problem with this step is that to import the data successfully the time headings must be matched correctly. Use the source to target mapping as seen in the image I have also uploaded.

    (Column Headers) -> Time
    Column 1: P1 Product Family -> P1 Product Family
    Fixed Line Item -> DEMO2 Volume Growth Rates by Week Line Items

    3. To map the time correctly select the radio button "Periods" then in the Custom fixed-position pattern enter "YY?MMM"
    This step will help translate the time format from the excel file to match that in the anaplan module. The "?" is to account for the unknown "-" as seen in the excel file.

    4. Check the last 2 tabs and ensure P1 Product Family items have been mapped correctly and that the DEM02 Volume Growth Rates by Week Line Items is set to Growth %


    5. click "run import" to complete this activity


    I hope these steps help you to complete this import 😊

  • Error Screenshot - DEM01 - 01.JPGError Screenshot - DEM01 - 02.JPGError Screenshot - DEM01 - 03.JPGError Screenshot - DEM01 - 04.JPG

    Please check why the above error appears. Timescales are months throughout the module and line item, I have used custom time format YY-MMM in mapping Time for Input data. Please advise your suggestions on how to correct this error.

  • MindyU

    Follow up, 
    If the format is Jan 20, why is the time format YY-MMM? 
    That seems backwards. 

  • @MindyU 


    Because it is based on the source data, not the target.



  • Hey Thanks for sharing info it helped me a lot as i struck exactly at Time period, the i added manually as u shown.

  • This was really helpful - I feel like Anaplan training did not even go over custom date mapping when importing data. Not sure how we were expected to figure this out on our own. 

  • Its YY MMM not YY-MMM

  • KateZhang
    edited July 2023

    When map the source data into the timescale,
    we should chose the Periods and set Custom fixed-position pattern as YY-MMM.
    and watch out the options of Language for month names to be set as English, which is very important.