Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module




I'm receiving the attached error for step 9.1 - Model object "'DAT03 Historic Volumes'.Export" could not be located.


9.2 and 9.3 seemed to work fine. 



Sean O


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  • rob_marshall



    It is looking for a workspace/model that doesn't, so please map to the correct Source, in your case the 2nd source.




    If you are still having issues, then you can edit the action and point it to the correct view in the Data Hub model.


  • @seanomahoney 


    Check the Source of that action, you will most likely have to re-map it.



  • Hey Rob - are you referring to this section? (Screenshot attached)

  • @seanomahoney 


    Yes, I am, but you will need to know which source the action is using, especially since you have two of them.  To do that, look in the Import Sources in the Actions area.  This will tell you which of the 2 sources you are using and then map that source to your data hub.





  • @seanomahoney 


    This is a better representation:


    On the Import Data Sources, you can look in the last column under imports for your Action.  Then, you can click Edit and point it to your data hub or you can go the Source route.  Since you can't make the columns wider, click in the cell you need and copy/paste it to Notepad or a text editor so you can see the entire entry.




    I would go the source route because you fix the mapping one time instead of Action by Action.  Once you get the "source" from above, then go to Sources and click Edit.  Then, select the workspace and model that has your data hub in it.




    Hopefully, that is clearer than my last message.



  • I don't recall creating the Level 2 Data Hub "Your Name" Source Model. Sounds like there shouldn't be 2 source models?




    Should the Source Model be the model I built (IHG Enablement / Level 2 Data Hub Start - Sean O) for all of the below actions? It looks like only 2 of the below actions are mapped to the model with my actual name on it (The model I've been building).



    When I attempt to edit the Source Model, I get the below message.




  • Sorry, Rob. I saw your previous message after sending my most recent reply.


    When I go to Source Models to edit the mapping for my model, I select edit mapping and select my Data Hub model and nothing seems to happen. I still see the below result.




  • @seanomahoney 


    You downloaded that model correct?  If so, that was in the "template" model.



  • @seanomahoney 


    Did you click on the correct model to make the mapping?

  • I noticed I was missing the Saved View: Export for Module Name: DAT03 Historic Volumes.


    I created that view and updated the Action's Source Object to the Historic Volumes Export saved view, but still getting same error. 










  • Hi,
    I'm having the same issues as this thread. I'm trying to map the source models but when I map to the right model it is still blank.
    Please help.
  • HI, I'm having a different issue entirely, but with the same starting point. In trying to remap, I am selecting the action, clicking Edit... and receiving the following message:

  • @jadefortunato 


    You need to associate the action to a model...The original source is no longer there.



  • I'm not sure I understand. I haven't deleted or renamed anything... why wouldn't it still be there? I've checked the names and they match, and the data is still there in the saved view of that name in the data hub... what am I missing?


    What's really odd here is why some say "your name here" and others say my name. Is that the issue?


    In which case, the issue still stands: I cannot select them to associate them.

  • Okay. I just figured out I can ignore the error and continue to reassociate it anyway... 

    which begs the question, if the error can be successfully ignored, why is it even a dialogue box?


    I suppose I'm in the Excel habit of not being able to proceed if there is an issue with a cell.

  • @jadefortunato 


    So, when an action is create, it is associated with a source model.  It looks like the model that action was associated with at creation is no longer there.  To fix it, simply click on the on the correct model on the left side and associate it to the correct view.

  • sir plz need yor help as not able to make it plz sir