Ragged to Balanced Hierarchy


Please can someone give the step by step points in an easy way to convert a Ragged Hierarchy to Balanced Hierarchy in Anaplan. Thanks!


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  • rob_marshall



    You create a module based on the "flat" list, say Cost Centers where you know which member is the parent.  Such as below:




    Create a module, again based on the flat list, but it will be in 4 different sections:


    This is where you need to understand all of the ancestors of the member, so you do lookups to the above and have line times for every level.  So, if it is going to be 8 levels, you need to have 8 line items:



    Based on logic, you will need to understand which member is at the top of the list and what comes next.  At the same time, you will need to make sure the member is not equal to the previous member.  This is essentially recursive logic 




    Now that you have the Ragged look, now we need to balance it out to make sure the parent node is repeated until the detailed member is in the correct level.  For instance, if AP Purchasing is in level 2 of the ragged, but is a base member, then it needs to be pushed to the bottom.





    This is where you use IsFirstOccurrence() to get the first occurrence of a member in that level in order to create views to build your hierarchy



    Then you define your views:



    Lastly, you build your Actions based off these views.


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  • rob_marshall



    Here are the module (attached) and the screenshots below.  I did not include the view piece you asked for because that is in the above post.





    Step 3 formats -  you can get those from the above post.


    If you have any questions, please reference the 305 video that @Misbah referenced as that video is based on these files (I recorded that video about 4 years ago).


    Let me know if you have any questions and please remember to tip the waiter at the door 🙂



  • rob_marshall



    Please look at the previous pictures in this thread for the formats, they are all there.  You can only do a lookup on list formatted line items or dates/time periods, so the answer is list formatted.  They are blue because the data was loaded from a source system.  The Cost Center Flat list is flat, no hierarchy.


    please watch the 305 video again, it explains it all.