I had a few problems with this one. First I am not sure what to put for the time, then once I imported I got many errors.2021-03-31 (3).png2021-03-31 (4).png2021-03-31 (5).png2021-03-31 (6).png2021-03-31 (7).png


  • Misbah



    Issue is with the Data header. When you start creating import action you will see first window which talks about Data headers and Data Rows. By default

    Data Header is 1

    Data row is 2

    You need to change it manually and make

    Data Header as 2

    Data row as 3


    Once this is done and then you map 

    Time - Column Headers

    Location - Column 2

    Product Code - Column 1

    Line items - Fixed Line item



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