The formulas are giving me a weird2021-03-31 (9).png2021-03-31 (8).png error message



  • Misbah



    It can be about the syntax here. If you are typing the name of the module or line items I would say don't do that. Instead point and refer so that it auto picks the name of line item & modules.

  • I'm not sure what to do. I renamed them by copying and pasting them from the activity. but i am still getting the weird error message.2021-03-31 (16).png2021-03-31 (15).png

  • Hi Zach,
    What is the dimension you have in REV04? and can you show me your list structure for G2 to G3, and P1 to P2?

  • Hi @ZachChurch,

    are you sure names of the following modules and line items are exactly as you type them in the formula?

    REV04, SYS04, SYS06 - check if there are no spelling mistakes. 

  • Here are dimesnsions 2021-04-02 (34).png

  • Here are my modules I am not sure what is wrong. I checked my spelling on everything at least 3 times. 2021-04-02 (33).png

  • Hi @ZachChurch 


    In order to write a formula it always best to select the lineitems  directly rather writing them, mitigates such syntax errors.

    Could you pls check by directly referencing the lineitems rather typing.

    It should work.