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I am using City list and Users Lists as a dimensions with few line items for one module and published that module on to UX page so that user can enter their information in line items. And i have made a saved view on module with filter on amount line item >0 (current user) and User list is on Page selector(but hidden in UX).  

Created an import action to populate a list(concatenation of City & User list) from the above saved view.  Published this action to UX.  For example if multiple users are populated the amount information at same time and one among them clicked an action to populate list first, then it is populating the list with other user and city(Who has already entered  amount information but did not click the action) as it is meeting the filter condition set for saved view.    


Note: Every user should enter information into all cities.

Any suggestions  how can i stop populating the list with other users & City information when i click import action in UX. Thanks in advance.


---- Suman ----


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  • alexpavel
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    @Suman Reddy  I am not sure if I understood correctly, but I think you are referring to this setup: The saved view should see only the current user and the admins can see ALL the users. To disable this behavior,  you need to setup in the blue-print of the module the "Show All Users: Off"




    I hope it helps


  • Suman Reddy
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    @alexpavel , your solution has worked for me. thank you very much. 

    Once i use this option "Show All Users: Off", as a model builder i though i can see all other users information in module. But it is showing only my user ID in page selector. Is there any way i can see the other users information in the model with WSA role. Thanks!


    ---- Suman ----


  • @Suman Reddy 

    Only an admin users will see all users when this setting is turned on.

    Other users will only be able to access their own user list item.


  • Thank you @ChrisAHeathcote & @alexpavel .



  • @Suman Reddy  you cannot see the other users' input in the same module, if you have setup "Show All Users: Off" for that module. 

    You can create a "mirror" module with "Show All Users: ON" with the same dimensionality and you can reference with a formula from the previous module and see there what is happening for the other users.  


    Hope it helps



  • @alexpavel  Thank you for providing complete solution. 


    --- Suman ---